Since 2015, we've been creating events for children and teens with special needs. With one main goal:
To make them feel INCLUDED.


Our Mission

Project Inclusion is a non-profit organization that provides free special events in Southern Nevada for individuals with special needs. Project Inclusion strives to include those who typically do not have the opportunity to participate in social gatherings.  Our goal is to enable individuals with special needs to build their confidence, stretch their limits, expand their true potential, and connect with others. Project Inclusion unites the community together and celebrates uniqueness and abilities, rather than disabilities. 

We provide two full-scale events throughout the year: Promapalooza, a full-scale prom for teens with special needs, and a fall festival, a halloween carnival for individuals of all ages with special needs. For more information about these events, please visit our events page.

Our Future Plans

What We've Achieved

  • Launched an annual prom event for teens with special needs called Prompalooza.
  • Given hundreds of teens the opportunity to experience prom for free.
  • Partnered with Project 150, given away countless dresses to our Promapalooza Attendees.
  • Created an Annual Halloween Fall Festival for individuals with special needs of all ages.
  • Had over 500 attendees during our 1st Annual Halloween Fall Festival.
  • Partnered with Zappos to create a much more extravagant Promapalooza than ever before possible, complete with limo rides to the red carpet. 
  • We hope to expand our Promapalooza and Halloween Fall Festival events to neighboring areas.
  • Host more events and provide even more children and teens each and every year.