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What is Promapalooza?

Promapalooza is a FREE full-scale prom for teens with special needs in Southern Nevada. Promapalooza recognizes individuality while providing a positive, welcoming, judgment-free environment for the guests to have an unforgettable prom night.  Guests will attend the prom with their peers in a safe, comfortable environment.  Promapalooza unites the community together and celebrates uniqueness and abilities, rather than disabilities.

Our Story

Lauren Abercrombie founded Promapalooza with the help of her mom, Lisa Abercrombie in 2014. Both women were inspired to make a prom for teens with special needs due to their involvement in the autism community since Mason, Lauren’s younger brother and Lisa’s son, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Both women put their love and passion towards Mason and the rest of the autism community, making sure that these children and young adults would have the same opportunities to participate in typical social events. Lauren wanted her younger brother to be able to experience a prom night, just like any typical teenager, in a judgment-free, comfortable environment, where he was able to be himself. 


Unfortunately, in March of 2015, Lisa passed away. After her passing, Lauren continued to pursue their small dream of Promapalooza to finally make it into a reality. Friends, family, and community members worked together to help create Promapalooza. Now four years later, the annual prom lives in the honor of Lisa Abercrombie.